Thursday, July 1, 2010

Fear of Falling

I created this layout for my Design Team position at All About Me challenge blog.  The Challenge is Your Fear.  Check it out and play along!

 One of my HUGE fears is FALLING!  I'm afraid of the point of panick attacks.  I have to do breathing exercises going up elevators of VERY tall buildings (YES, THIS WASHINGTONIAN HATES THE SPACE NEEDLE)!  I can't look out windows from high for too long....and forget about peering over a balcony!  Yikes!  But that's not all.  I can't even look at it on tv!  If someone is on a ledge I get sick, if the camera shot is overlooking the street from up high I turn my head, if my kids are NEAR a window or balcony, I watch and let them enjoy...but then say after a few minutes "Get away from there or you'll give me a heart attack!"  Yes, friends, I too have issues!  Don't let my cheery smile fool you!

And since I'm usually quite long-winded, I couldn't say this all on my layout because it would take away from it I wrote a quick poem....ha ha!

My legs turn to jell-o when I think about being up HIGH….or when I see someone too close to the edge, looking down below. My heartbeat quickens, I can’t seem to breathe. I pray for the moment to pass and that TWISTING in my heart to ease, with the return to SAFETY.

Once again, I created with my FAVE Pink Ninja Addicts Kit....Accidentally Kelly!  Ninja Masters...I dunno how you do it month to month, but your kits are so rockin' cool!




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