Thursday, February 25, 2010

*all stars* by ninja heidi

love this layout pink ninja heidi created using *mommys little monster*,,, heidi,,, youre a rock star!!!
love, us

Thursday, February 18, 2010

*14 things i love about you* by ninja mo

ninja mo purchased the overdose and im thinking shes happy she did with all the rad creations shes rocked out using the three kits she got,, here is our first ninja addicts art walk layout for the *mommys little monster* kit,,, again, if youre waiting to see somethin' somethin' you created, please see post below,,,, ;-) thank ninja mo!!
love, ally

looking for something??

alright, alright, you got me,,, i might have fallen behind,, i know there are projects out there that you must be waiting to see featured here on the art walk,,, in my absence to spending as much time online as i wish i could, i might have fallen behind,,, please, if youre waiting to see a projects of your own here, leave a link here or email us and i will get it here asap,,, this blog is for us all to admire your work, so, please, share, we loves!! sorry,,, i havent been searching the web at all as of late,,, :-) cant wait to see what cha got!!!

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