Sunday, April 18, 2010

join in the pink ninja nation,,,,

heeeeyyyyyyy,,, this is so cool,,, ninja master nely and myself have come to the conclusion that we want you to join in in our pink ninja addicts nation,,, what we want, is for you to help us be blog authors for the pink ninja addicts art walk. we adore the family that we are creating and the friends we are making. we love all of you, and love what you are creating with our kits,,, and we love hearing from you and seeing your work. so, what we have decided to open up our pink ninja addicts art walk to all of you!!! this way, when you create another amazing layout using our kits {only addicts kits please},,, you can upload it, here, on the art walk and be more a part of out pink ninja nation!!!! please, if youd likey to upload your creations and start any sort of discussions on the art walk blog, leave a comment here of email us, we would love to hear what you have to say,, or share,,, or anything,,, as long as its pink ninja related,,, sound fun?? wanna be a part of it?? here is our email addy ~ pinkninjaaddicts at yahoo dot com,,,, love you and we are so excited about this,,, hope you are too,, and i hope you wanna be a part of it,,,,
love, ally & nely


  1. you girls are such geniuses!

  2. LOVE IT! So excited to be part of the Nation!!!!! (Ally - guess this answered my email Q, huh? LOL)



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