Friday, May 21, 2010

Now, I must give a brief story about this page. I got married September 19, 2009. Within three months my husband lost his wedding ring. Didn't take long...I know, right?! [at least it didn't cost a fortune].

So for Valentines day this year, I picked up a new ring, took a series of photos [pictured above], and gave them to him in a card. Standing next too him I had his ring around my neck, waiting for him to catch on. I thought I was pretty clever. ;)

This photo is of me [in the middle], one of my best friends [on the left], and my sister [on the right]. We [along with some other friends and my mom] hung out at the spa for the day, for my bachelorette party. Best time ever.

Both pages were created using the Accidentally Kelly Street Kit that I won during the last blog hop. This kit rocks! Thanks so much ninja masters!


  1. love the story behind the first l/o. did it take him long to catch on?

  2. yah, he didn't get it at first. But then again we were sitting in a car waiting to go in to the movies, so he wasn't really looking at my necklace.



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